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Next-generation smart digital Promoting system
Unite digital contents transmission system and a large LED broadcast server technology-.
next generation advertising platform system that transmitted digitalized various promotion contents anywhere!

Overall Analysis

  • LED display to overcoming differences of dimming of indoor and outdoor for express of advertising or promotional contents.

  • Contents can be displayed with optimize the color and expression depending on the size or environment.

  • Products can be exposed effectively through transparent and opaque that you can adjust the interactive display

  • Structure's size and configuration can be optimized to fit in a variety of places.


Work Flow

Advertising & Promotion

It can utilize optimized platform to deliver advertising, promotions and events cause of it's excellent visibility of contents in real-time.

Scalability of D+R™'s variety of Interactive Media Technology

Interactive entry element such as interactive sensors and cam provided in conjunction with in public places to participate of many people or response to contents.

Case Study

Digital Information System

It's efficiency use to populous places and environments

  • Conference

    It was created for identify information or various advertising contents like events, conferences, exhibitions , tours , convenience and emergency degree more easily.

  • Airport

    By effective targeting according to the flight landing schedule or daily cycle can increase the effect of promotion efficiently.

  • Downtown street

    Utilizing high notable LED for the contents of promotion, and gathering people with viral effect through interesting interaction by sensor.

  • Train / railroad station

    It's possible to exposed promotional contents effectively using the floating populational characteristics.