D + R = the Creative shop

Digital Technology Lab

Through R&D that is analysis of future UI and detailed user research, dovetorabbit recreate user oriented-experience.
Dovetorabbit designs more fun, more unique experiences. The experiences are based on reaction of user`s choice.

D+R™ Shop

D+R™ Shop is a specialist retail division which aims to enhance the retail enviroment and experience through
the integration of digital hardware and content. diShop look to create true two way communication
channels through their innovative solutions offering up more valuable insights
into consumers engagement levels.

D+R™ Interactive

D+R™ Interactive is a team of UX specialist's who are constantly developing new and advanced patented
technologies such as our latest interactive/ gesture sensing system. There types of solutions can provide a
distinct advantage over your competitors by offering the chance to really stand out from the crowd as well
as the ability to better engage your audience.

D+R™ Show

D+R Show is a specialist event and product launch division that create mind blowing events. Our team offers
a full service from concept development, content development through to the hardware supply in order
to support your event and maximise it's potential.

D+R™ Stage

D+R™ Stage create state of the art presentations that will always stay top of mind whether it be a fashion show,
new car launch or a company conference. diStage uses specialist interactive technology which can enhance
presentations and make them come to life esepcially when combined with our hologram technology.

D+R™ Platform

D+R Platform is advanced conceptual advertisement which can interact with people such as Augmented Reality AD,
Digital Signage based on motion interaction and transparent display. We provide new AD Platforms people has never experienced.