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Voice recoginition Canon PIXMA campaign

Project Flow

CanonPIXMA and Digital Marketing

  • Voice recognition:

    Canon Pixma main 3 features intended for life, work and pro were all perfectly reflected in PaperDoll designs that users could choose on multi-touch screen. And by just saying Canon Pixma our voice recognition setup activated fast printing on the spot.
  • Paper Doll:

    All the guests of the event had a chance to try this fun setup, which at the same time perfectly showed capabilities of the new Canon Pixma printer. Every user walked out with colorful, quality PaperDoll printouts that they would later assemble into a funny and cute doll with Users faces on it.


The PaperDoll digital kiosk has been a huge hit in the event and attracted a lot of publicity. Later the kiosk will travel to Central World Shopping Mall and will continue serving as an entertaining interactive media for Canon Pixma there.

DTRA designed and developed a unique digital brand activation device for the laumch event environment, wherein consumers were given a unique opportunity to participate in the process of creating Canon PIXMA souvenir in the form of a PaperDoll.

The PaperDoll digital kiosk, at the launch event, gave Canon PIXMA guests a new level of brand experience.


Credits List

Directors: Greg Kim
Project Manager: Max Saksri
Design: Appsphere
Planning: Appsphere
Development: Chris Lee and dovetorabbit international